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THROUGH THE STORM by Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson PRE-ORDER

Collated from over 38 years of counselling and ministry, Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson found great solace and relief in bringing forth poems inspired by her many clients’ stories. Taking themes that are universal in their truest forms, these poems are deeply personal and intimate to the reader. With an understanding across the spectrum of spirituality, emotional and mental health, the musing found their way out on opposite sides of the globe. From deep personal trauma, ministry, clients, landscapes, languages and stories, this poetry will impact and ignite the reader into a deeper level of grace and understanding. Postage included in price.


A WHISPER IN THE STORM by Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson

“A life behind bars… Abused by a family member… Born into a cult… A gang for a family…” Dramatic real-life stories of hardship, hope and healing that honour the courageous men and women who have chosen to share them with Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson. Following on from her two previous books, “From Tears to Triumph” and “From the Shadows of my Soul,” Dr Dobson takes us into an even deeper journey into the heart and healing of God’s amazing grace through the broken and redeemed lives of these people. Postage included in price.


FROM THE SHADOWS OF MY SOUL by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

Following on from her first devotional book, From Tears to Triumph, Sharmaine takes us on a deeper journey through her emotive poetry, wonderous artwork, alongside skillfully woven devotionals and hope inspiring stories of God’s grace. Postage included in price.


FROM TEARS TO TRIUMPH by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

From Tears to Triumph is a devotional written to encourage God’s people to take the time to reflect on the things of the kingdom, and the heart of their King. Postage included in price.


GEORGE’S WORLD – WHERE IS MY DAD? by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

George’s World – Where Is My Dad? is the story of a little boy from a single parent family, who wonders where his father is. Surprisingly, he finds what he is looking for afterall. Postage included in price.


A NEW SEASON, A NEW SONG by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

A CD featuring poetry, devotionals and the spoken word, by Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson, Ps Dave Goosen, Meri Styler, Rev. Colleen Doyle. Featuring the voices of Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson, Dr Lynne Hamilton and Jesse John Jabore. Postage included in price.