Here Again

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on

I love this picture, it depicts the perfect balancing act. I love the way the stones are worn
Do you ever feel like that?
A perfect balancing act, looking a little worn but I suggest that you are still beautiful, beautiful and strong just like the stones.

So, thank you dear friends for reading my posts , lamenting my “rabbit hole” with me and just being there!
HOWEVER I am BACK, I am here again!
A perfect balancing act but so much stronger.
You are a part of my journey – the beautiful part.
You are the grace that is littered alongside the road, the carefree moments of delirious joy, you dear friends are the sense of knowing that is developed as we read each others posts.
Thank you.!

So today I wonder if we can take a moment to rejoice, a moment to be grateful for each other?

So until we meet again
Love always

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