1. use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse; “the judge abused his power by imposing the fines.” Similar: misuse, misapply, misemploy, mishandle, exploit, overtake, advantage of
  2. treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly; “riders who abuse their horses should be prosecuted.”

How many of you today live with silent screams in your head and a mask, with a smile plastered on your face?

How many of you “grin and bear it” because after all it was not the other parties fault. It is you that is not clear, or you who did not carefully listen or discern?

How many of you start the day with hope, only to see it come crashing down as you are berated for another thing or another veiled threat?

Today dear one look up, scream – but stand. Try and see yourself as complete, beautiful and certainly not what the other person says you are.

You are beautiful, intelligent and certainly NOT misguided or stupid.

Remember I love you always

One comment

  1. I hear them screaming every night just before I sleep, well try to sleep lol , one day i will try to help them, brilliant post my lovely blog friend

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