Down the Rabbit Hole

My Rabbit Hole

So, I decided it is definitely time to catch up with you. As we know Lewis Carrol wrote about Alice in Wonderland and her falling down the rabbit hole. Well recently with my sight failing and waiting constantly for my Hallelujah moment, I encountered my own rabbit hole. Do I believe? Yes! Am I scared ? Yes! Do I care that my world is misty? Yes! I constantly feel like I am falling down a rabbit hole.

As I tumble down I have found so much good, my precious sparkling Sandi who spends many hours helping, correcting my work; WOW! I have found kindness, compassion and as I walk with my white cane called Ruth, with many smiles.

My daughter runs me around, my grandchildren have been gracious. Maybe the rabbit hole is not so bad after all. When you tumble down and blessings cushion and surround you, how can one not feel happy and so cosseted.

To every blessing thank you, for every trial that shapes me , thank you and for the song in my heart thank you.

So to all of you who have waited patiently, thank you!

Always Sharmaine

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