‘From the Shadows of my Soul’ Review

📝My Rating: 5/5⭐

📝My Review:

📝” Dear God, I want to take a minute, not to ask for anything for you. But simply to say Thank You, for all I have.” It’s beautiful to worship but it’s even more sacred to pay gratitude. Dropping now is a review of a quality book I read recently. The book has an incredible message for all of us which is to love, rejoice and have gratitude. The book talks about spirituality and love. This priceless book is a phenomenal collection of short poems, heavenly quotes and proses. Throughout the book the author mentions the importance of various aspects and people in our lives that we don’t usually address and spreads the idea of paying them gratitude and celebrating the joy. Also, the author reminds us that we’re never alone and to help us visualize this, she added the verses from Bible as well. The book is a reminder to us that we are all God’s children and we’re never alone. It is also a guide for our tough times.

📝I felt extremely blissful after I read this. There are some very deep and soulful areas which deeply touched my heart. I’m a lover of poetries so I have one more reason for loving this book. The book includes testaments that are extremely helpful. The book is a perfect one-go read, 162 pages of spirituality and pure devotion. The writing pattern and literary forms used are worth appreciating. Everything inside the book has came out from author’s experience of ministering to people.

📝I feel extremely felicitous to recommend you this book. Stories are beautiful but experiences are exceeding. To all the young readers, this book has a lot for you – don’t miss it! Everyone, go grab your copy now and read this super amazing book!

Tarun @his_book_threads, Instagram.

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