A New Review

By his_book_threads

📝My Rating:- 5/5⭐

📝 “God has already taken into account the wrong turns, the mistakes in your life. Quit beating yourself up and accept His mercy. Greetings Lovely readers! I recently sailed in a boat of spirituality and devotion with Sharmaine Anna Dobson and her beautiful writings so here I have dropped it’s review, because I want you to experience the same.

📝This is a self-help book penned with great efforts and experience to bring change. The author enlightens our mind and tells us to have faith in God’s plan. A precious and precise collection of small paragraphs, poetries and sacred verses from the Holy Bible. The book has a lot of priceless content to guide us and in addition there are testaments for clear documentation and helpful illustration.

📝I heartily loved reading this book, this is a short read and can be finished in one go. Self-help books like these are meant for a lifetime; their lessons will enlighten us forever. The cover of the book is cheerful and vibrant and the title is an epitome of positivity and grace. Poetries always adds up to the content, the same feeling you’ll get when you’ll read this. I enjoyed every part of it.

📝I’ll recommend you all to read this delightsome book. This book, and the other one in the series “From the Shadows of my Soul” are perfect to gift your loved ones. To all the new readers, begin with a self-help book and see yourself evolving. Get your copy now and swim in the ocean of love, hope and faith because God’s got this!

By @his_book_threads on Instagram.

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