Some New Reviews!

From the Shadows of my Soul by Sharmaine Anna Dobson 📚

My Rating – 4.9/5 🌟

My Review📚

💗From the Shadows of my Soul by Sharmaine Anna Dobson is a decent read of 162 pages and this is second devotional book by her.

💗Starting with the title of the story, the title is so joyful that makes your heart happy and for title I will certainly rate it 1/1. Cover of the novel is attractive and matches the plot of the story, you will get to know when you will read this one out.

💗The novel is a short read of 63 chapters and 140 pages and can be finished in just one sitting , and this is as awesome and beautiful as the first one.

💗The book is a perfect blend of Emotional poetry, wonderful artwork, amid skillfully woven devotionals and optimistic testimonials of God’s Grace.

💗Swipe right to read one of my favorites from the book.

💗I’ll probably be reading every year for a while. So good. Not your typical “nativity story” devotional but rather takes you through different perspective and what that really fully means for us. This was so needed and so great so much quotable and highlight able content.

From Tears to Triumph by Sharmaine Anna Dobson 📚

My Rating – 4.8/5 ⭐


From Tears to Triumph is a devotional written to encourage God’s people to take the time to reflect on the things of the Kingdom, and the heart of their King.

My Review📚

💝From Tears to Triumph by Sharmaine Anna Dobson is a devotional book of 170 pages and trust me this is one of the beautiful reads of 2021.

💝Starting with the title of the book ” From Tears to Triumph ” I feel the title is a relevant one , it is easy to understand and also is a catchy one. Apart from all this it has that attention catching quality because reading the title it gives a vibe that grabs the attention of the viewer.Cover on the other hand is a very attractive one, color combination is nice. Overall the outer appearance of the book is appealing and I would give it a 2/2 for the cover and the title.

💝The devotional novel has just 140 pages consisting of 70 chapters and I finished it in just one sitting.

💝This book is well written and something I can dip into as every page contains amazing advice and wisdom. I get tired and find reading makes me more fatigued but it doesn’t matter because although it’s a page turner, one page at a time is enough. Very good self-help book.

💝I read this book and found it so helpful that I bought several for my friends as well as clients. From Tears to Triumph, Sharmaine writes about blend of emotions and how they are all meaningful since from the spiritual perspective. The moment we find meaning, insight and lessons from our sufferings, our whole perspective on life changes…it takes us from victim to victor consciousness.

⭐Swipe right to read a part from the book.⭐

💝For the words and language used, in terms of difficulty I didn’t find any major difficulty while reading the book. I will just advice you all to stop what so ever you are doing, grab it, and start reading. I bet you won’t regret. I would strongly advice everyone to read this out

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