Macular Degeneration

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So, my journey down this rabbit hole has been interesting. From being an author and avid reader, reading exhausts me, frustrates me and often makes me want to cry out of immense self-pity. However, today I picked myself up dusted myself off and used a magnifying glass to see what is written on my HUGE screen that I now have. I went to a blind sighted meeting on Saturday, all there have low sight and everyone there had mostly more serious eye issues than me. YET they chatted, laughed drank coffee and explored new ideas, treatments, and help with each other. True heroes.

I have decided to write what Macular Degeneration has taught me:-

It is ok to ask for help;
It is ok to not be superwoman and that I finally can hang up my cloak;
It is ok to walk more slowly, after all I still do have sight, however weak;
It is ok to feel vulnerable;
It is ok to be excited that the blind society have sent me a free Alexa who will read to me and many other things;
It is ok to write words that I do not understand, because I could not see when I wrote them.

In those few sentences my life changed and was rearranged. What will happen tomorrow? I don’t know; however, what I do know is I will forge ahead finding out how to do new things, cross new borders and REJOICE! The King is still on the throne.

Remember how loved you all are!

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