My Amazon Bio

As a child, I would write poetry and put my many musings on paper.
I loved to dream, words would flow, poems would ooze out of me, but most were kept to myself.

Not until the 2000’s did I bring myself to start painting, simply as a way to put on canvas, all that I was seeing and feeling in this world. As each stroke hit it’s mark, my soul was emptied out and I could breathe again.

In 2014, I wrote a notelet called ‘A Cry Beneath the African Sky’ – an ode to my homeland, and a place that dwells within my heart. This was also the year that I published ‘Let the Rain Fall’ which was sung by the talented Jack Casey. Later that year I would write my first book, ‘From Tears to Triumph’, and record an audio CD of poetry, prose and devotionals, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

I am now an integral part of SparkleMoon Publishing, of which I am thrilled.

I also published ‘George’s World, Where is my Dad?’ in 2018, the first in a series of a young boy who grows into a teen and faces many challenges.

I have a Masters in Counselling and am immersed both in Counselling and in Ministry, as the Lord allows.

I have a wonderful husband George, and two great children, Anthony and Kerry-Lee. I have some wonderful grandchildren, who light up my life!

Much love

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