Broken Dreams

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Broken Dreams
I have a field
That is lovingly tended
It is hoed and weeded
And in perfect order
My field has many different dreams and schemes
Plans and visions
Of many hues and colour
It is a field that once was vibrant and alive
It sang with hope
And danced with anticipation
However one by one
Each dream turned to dust
I have a field
A field of broken dreams
And shattered hope
A field of desolation and broken trust
My field is daily tended and added to by those
I love!!!!
One day a Man came and walked by my field
He saw the broken pieces and all the dust
He spoke to me and breathed on me
My field of broken dreams turned
To life…………………
I have a field,
A place of dreams and hope
A place that is carefully tended
By everything that I speak
Everything that I do
And everything that I pray
My field of dreams and hope
Is starting to grow now
I gaze in wonder at the colours and hues
I speak to God and say
Oh how blessed I am
That you cannot deny yourself and be faithless
When I am
So take your field today
Your field of broken dreams and hope
Give it to the Head Gardener
To be placed there in His care
He will tend it when you are weak
He will speak life
When all you can speak is death
Then one day He will give it back
When it is grown
And you will be amazed at the garden of hope and new dreams that…
He has grown

© Sharmaine Anna Dobson

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