When I was Five

Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels.com

When I was five

Through the eyes of a child,

I looked at the world

And no trouble could I see.

The world was beautiful, clean and bright

I looked at all with wondrous sight.

When suddenly,

At the age of 5….

I was beaten, abused, neglected, molested,

Throat cut and bleeding;

Left for dead.

The eyes of a child

Turned around, and at the age of 5

And before her time

Became 55,

Sullied, muddied and very dirty.

Then Jesus came, look and see

He turned my world around for me

He created my world you see

Take a new look at me.

The world is clean and very bright

The dirt I can plainly see, but

These eyes of this child

Are pure because

He died


I love you


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