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Well Level Three has arrived and the world seems to only think about  McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut.  Whilst I understand that as a country we have been “take out” deprived,  somehow after four weeks in lock down it feels shallow.

The world is still battling, people dying, crying, sighing and we as a nation queued from 12am today for a burger.  Being who I am and the discipline I work in daily I get it but still feel obliged to rant.  New Zealand is a country filled with a beauty that rips your heart apart, we have some of the best of the best sceneries in the world.  As a people we can do things that are seemingly difficult to other countries, our can do attitude is well known overseas.

But why a burger?

Enjoy your burger and my rant and while eating give a thought to those countries that are battling…

PS:  I need a coffee!


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