We live in times that often our dream and visions are shattered upon the rocks of uncertainty.  We wake up in the middle of what is happening unsure sometimes of what day it is and if we know the day?  Will someone that we know contract the virus or will there be another earthquake or even a volcanic eruption?

I want to encourage you today that there is a lighthouse that burns brightly in the dark, its light never waivers.  Where is this lighthouse you may ask, how can I find it?  Dear friend it is as close as you want it to be…the lighthouse you seek is called Jesus.

The light of His love for you will never dim or fade away.  He loves you with such an incredible love, an unchanging love, a love that will never ever die away.  He loved you so much that He died for you on a cross, He died so that you can live.  All you have to do to find Him, is whisper His name, shout His name or say His name.  Talk to Him seek Him and you will find Him.

I hope today that the light of His love will shine eternally in your heart.

Remember I love you.


gray scale photography of lighthouse
Photo by Skitterphoto on

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