The Crimson Thread

How fragile life is
And seems to pass before my eyes
I remember growing up
Stuff happened for sure….

Suddenly I met you
And before we knew
I had you
My son
Then my daughter
How quickly flew the time…

You had your own babies
My how they grew
I look in the mirror
And am confused……
There should be a young woman staring
At her reflection for sure
Instead there is a woman with wrinkles and grey hair

I realise I am marching home
I wish I could show you my heart
And let you hear the beat
Lay your head on my chest and let me rock you once more

I see the pain in your eyes and the pain in your heart
I cannot hold you
You wont let me too near

When I finish my journey here
And fall at His feet
I will remember you
To my Master
And the heavenly host

Love MumFB_IMG_1510341604234.jpg









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